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This is NNN

The Nikki News Network

The Nikki News Network
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This is the Nikki News Network community - bringing you news from sources around the globe.

You can join as a reader; you can also join as someone who's allowed to post. There is nothing wrong with being a reader, either one who just reads or one who reads and comments! My goal is for a few people to bring the news to a lot of people who'd like to get their information from a broad variety of sources, but don't have the time to forage for news.

If you're a news junkie who would like to post to the community, we've created some formatting rules. Give a sentence or two summarizing the link or giving the high point. Don't write "Cool link!" or "Muskrats!" or something of that ilk, because it doesn't give enough an idea of what is being linked to. The point of a link is to give people who are really rushed a general idea of what is happening, the highlights of the story, and give people who want more detail a teaser into the story.

Also, don't give a link to a short story about, say, birth control followed by a long editorial screed about how evil the Catholic Church is. The idea is to be succinct. Pithy, brief commentary closely related to the story is fine. (If people have a driving need to do editorial-type pieces, we can create an NNNEd community later. You can also feel free to editorialize on an issue you read about in the comments section.)

If you haven't already been reading the NNN, look around here for a couple of days, post some news links that you'd like to see in the NNN in your own journal, and point the moderator at it.

The news sources we have linked to, if they require logins, now all have NNN logins so you don't have to pony up your own information. That format is:

Username: NNNet
Password: NikkiNews (sometimes there are no caps; depends on who made the login)